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Can you believe the holidays are here? This is the month you want that vibrant holiday glow. We have a terrific special to help you achieve that perfect holiday party look. Our laser facial includes our incredible laser genesis treatment combined with a dermaplane and enzyme. This combination is perfect for a no down time all glowing treatment.

What does this festive package get you? Let me break it down piece by piece.

  • The laser genesis is a wonderful year-round treatment that only gets better the more you use it. Here is what you get:
    • Increased collagen
    • Decrease pore size
    • Reduce redness
    • Decrease breakouts
    • Zero downtime
  • Dermaplaning is a tried-and-true standard treatment that should be a part of your regular skin care routine. It sets the stage for all your products and treatments to work more effectively. Think of it as creating a clean palate to work with.
    • Remove unwanted hair
    • Exfoliate dead skin cells
    • Leaves skin looking smoother and brighter
  • Enzyme treatments are a standard when getting facials but added to this package it is the final piece to give that lasting glow that will have your friends asking, “What are you doing different, you look amazing!”

Big party this weekend, going to someone’s house for the holidays, all the pictures you’ll be in for eternity. It’s time to sign up and let us help you look your holiday best!

Happy Holidays,


I have been an aesthetician for over 17 years and love helping clients achieve their skin goals.  I have been at Elevation Med Spa for 2 years and have the best time working with our clients.

My expertise focuses on anti-aging, hyper pigmentation, exfoliation, acne, and the overall health of the skin. I feel to get the best results, it is important to address the underlying issues with each skin concern.
I take great pride in educating every client regarding the services we offer, product information, and your home care regimen.  I will be writing a skin care blog periodically on all things related to skin to help answer skin care questions and educate you on new trends and old standbys to ensure you look and feel your best!

Tis the season to get aggressive with your skin care services to ensure you are getting quality results.

At Elevation, we offer a host of treatments to help you achieve beautiful skin. Some of our most popular this time of year are microneedling, IPLs, and deep chemical peels to get you ready for the holidays!! The sooner you come in the sooner you see results. We are excited to have you along on our skin care journey.


We are so excited to announce that we are now scheduling appointments for our new Cutera XEO laser! This incredible laser is very versatile and can perform the following treatments:

  • IPL (Eliminate Reds & Browns)
  • Laser Genesis (Skin tightening & Build Collagen)
  • Pro Wave Laser Hair Removal
  • Vascular Lesion

Our team of experts has been performing laser treatments for over 15 years and has the skill and capability to help you get the best results possible.

Now that we are coming to the end of summer, and you most likely will not be spending as much time in the sun, it is the perfect time to start correcting the damage the sun caused over the hot summer months. If you are looking to build collagen, reduce wrinkles, smooth out the color and texture of your skin, or just want to get rid of unwanted hair, we have the answer for your troubles.

Our laser treatments are a great way to turn back the clock and help you regain the look of yesteryear. Give us a call and see how we can help.  We can be reached at 303-993-6578. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


Even with the best home care regime, aging and the environment can take a toll on your skin.

Reverse the damage and reveal brighter, healthier, vibrant skin with chemical peel treatments. These treatments produce tremendous results by stimulating collagen, reducing the appearance of fine lines,  wrinkles, and brown spots.  All of this while improving the texture, tone, and the overall quality of your skin.

All Peels at Elevation Med Spa are customized to fit your Skin care concerns.

Using a Retinol along with Hydroquinone will help achieve even greater results.

RETINOL:  A topical cream applied in the evening that travels down into the dermis helping to push up and out built up dead skin cells. Retinol works on the improvement of fine lines, wrinkles, texture, tone and overall clarity of the skin.

HYDROQUINONE:  A lightener and a brightener to help suppress the melanocytes that cause pigment, dark patches on your skin caused by hormones, sun damage, medications or injury to the skin. Hydroquinone allows for a brighter and lighter complexion.

I have been an Aesthetician for seventeen years now. Peels are one of my favorite proven treatments. I fully customize the peels  and know exactly how to get your skin to where you want it to be!! Using the proper home care will speed up the process of those stubborn browns. Using the appropriate protection for your skin daily is recommended. (sunblock, Vitamin C)

Mention our blog and get our Retinol and/or Hydroquinone at 20% off!

* Our clinic is proud to offer the best chemical peels available.  For the very best results a package of 3 to 4 is recommended. Call for our Holiday Specials!!

Have you heard about the non-surgical thread lift? Facial thread lifts have been around for a number of years, but many people are still unfamiliar with the effectiveness of the procedure. The technology has greatly improved over the past few years and now facial threads are being used more extensively across the country such as Los Angeles, New York and now Lone Tree and the Denver Metro area of Colorado. Until recently the only way that you could get real facial lifting was with a surgical face lift as the effects of laser or ultrasound are highly patient dependent. These procedures achieve up to 30 percent lifting effect although some cases could achieve more. Once loose skin is present only a scalpel can truly lift heavy sagging skin on the neck or jowls. If you are an individual with mild to moderate sagging or do not want to have surgery, then you may be a candidate for a facial thread lift.

What is a facial thread lift? A non-surgical thread lift uses material that is biocompatible with human tissue. The temporary sutures are strategically placed in areas of the face that will gently lift the tissue producing a younger effect. The sutures dissolve over the course of 4 – 6 months, while stimulating your own body’s natural collagen through the healing response. This is a very important component to maintain youthful skin. The sutures greatly enhance the production of collagen in the areas where the threads are placed

Collagen is necessary for the health and structure of the skin. In addition to wound healing, collagen keeps skin strong, and supple. Women lose 30% of their collagen as they go through menopause and over all, skin can lose greater than 50% of its collagen throughout a lifetime.  As we age, many things contribute to the health of our collagen.  A healthy diet and exercise coupled with limited alcohol consumption is important to maintain collagen levels.

There are several different types of thread lifts available. You may have heard of Nova, Miracu, MINT and InstaLift threads. The first three are all polydioxanone. Mint and Miracu threads are both molded which adds strength to the barbs which are important in lifting the facial tissue. InstaLift, which is also a biocompatible material uses a combination of poly glycolic acid (PGA) and poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) with tiny cones which helps lift the skin.

The down time or recovery for facial thread procedures is very short. For three days post the procedure, you should avoid opening the mouth too widely such as with eating. No vigorous rubbing of the face the first week. No heavy exercise for 7 days and avoid sleeping on your face especially the first 3 nights. Avoid sunlight immediately post the procedure. If you must be out in the sun, ensure you wear sunscreen. It is best not to fly in the first 24 hours as the cabin pressure may affect the facial swelling. Mild swelling and mild facial tenderness may occur the first few days and is expected. No heat should be applied to the face, such as a laser for 8 weeks post procedure.

The ideal thread candidate is between 35 and 55 years old. There are exceptions, but generally this is the ideal timeframe for successful thread procedures. Individual with heavy jowls and a falling neck are typically surgical candidates. Threads could provide some benefit for a refreshed look in older clients who are not surgical candidates as long as they have realistic expectations about results.

It is important to understand that no procedure is permanent as we all continue to age. As a guide, surgical facelifts can last up to 10 years while a thread lift will last 12 to 24 months.

As we have come to see the advancement in the material used for threads lifts, I made a concerted effort to become master certified in the procedure. I have completed five trainings sessions over the past 18 months, and I am confident that you will be satisfied with your results. I feel this procedure is going to continue to grow in popularity, and I look forward to serving you soon.


Deb Tong PA-C

Elevation Med Spa

Lone Tree, CO

It has been an unusual six weeks to say the least, but I am excited the State of Colorado has transitioned into our next phase of reopening the state: Safer at Home.  This transition will allow us to begin seeing clients again, and we couldn’t be happier.  We have missed seeing all our amazing clients over the past month, but realize it was the prudent action to take to keep us healthy.

As we set to open in May, I want to assure you we are taking every precaution we can to keep our employees and clients safe.  As a med spa, Elevation has always taken pride in our ability to offer premium services and results.  Abby, Deb, and Lisa are medical professionals with decades of experience working in hospital and clinical settings.  We understand what it takes to maintain a sanitized environment while providing exceptional results.

We have instituted the following protocols to ensure compliance and maintain a consistent level of preparedness for every client.

  • All employees in the office will wear proper face masks throughout the day: even when clients are not in the office.
  • We have installed a thermal air purifier that uses heat to destroy:
    • Bacteria
    • Viruses
    • Mold
    • Pollen
    • Ozone
  • Clients will be required to wear masks while in the office. We will have masks available if clients do not have their own.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the office.
  • While performing services, practitioners will wear:
    • Proper face mask
    • Face shield
    • Gloves
  • We have removed the arms of the treatment chairs to eliminate common areas touched as well as cover the lower portion of the chair with disposable products which will be replaced/changed after each client.
  • Client room will be sanitized after each client.
  • We have established social distancing procedures to ensure clients do not come in contact with other patrons.

Establishing a medical practice that delivers exceptional results while providing a first-class experience has always been out focus.  With our updated protocols, we are ready to begin seeing clients for our top of the line services such as Botox & Dermal Fillers (Juvéderm & Restylane products).  Please rest assured that we understand the importance and sensitivity of taking the proper steps to ensure your experience is exceptional.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 303-993-6578.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

In times of uncertainty we all look to experts, friends, and even social media to get answers to pressing questions.  Sometimes the information we receive brings comfort, other times it causes more anxiety.  In these situations, I tend to fall back on the old saying: Control what you can Control.  Often times easier said than done, but in the situation we find ourselves in today I feel it is more true than ever.  We are and will continue to take every precaution to ensure your time with us is not only safe, but your experience is memorable.

At Elevation Med Spa, we always put an emphasis on cleanliness and have strict protocols for disinfecting and maintaining our treatment rooms. As a medical facility we ensure our environment is always disinfected and ready for all the services and treatments we offer.  In light of recent events surrounding the Corona virus, we are instituting additional measures to ensure our office is both safe and prepared to continue providing best in class services with incredible outcomes.  In addition to our stringent policy of cleaning our room after each procedure plus our nightly cleaning routine, we have now added additional disinfecting of all surfaces and handles throughout the day.  We understand there is uncertainty around the Corona virus and want to reassure you that our med spa is taking every step possible to provide a safe environment for the services and treatments you love.

You are the life blood of our business and we want to reassure you that we are taking every possible step to maintain the safe comfortable environment you expect.  We will continue to monitor the situations and stay in contact with the appropriate agencies to maintain the highest level of safety standards.

We look forward to seeing you and want to reassure you Elevation Med Spa is prepared and open for business.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 303-993-6578.

We walk this journey together,


When searching for a med spa near you in South Denver, be sure to look closely at the results that pop up.  At Elevation Med Spa we are lucky to have three exceptional Aesthetic practitioners.  We put an emphasis on hiring great talent with the knowledge and experience to provide the outcomes you deserve and expect.

Abby Coggins RN-BSN has been injecting neurotoxins such as Botox and Dysport as well as dermal fillers such as the Juvederm family of products and Restylane for over 15 years. Abby has become one of the most sought after and respected injectors from Denver to Parker & Castle Rock. She is often asked to train other injectors to help them stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques in the industry. As good as she is technically, she is even better at listening and understanding the clients wants and needs. Abby has a vast array of experience allowing her to provide a long-term plan to help you achieve the look you desire.

Deb Tong PA-C takes great pride in her continued education and ability to consistently deliver exceptional results.  She takes the time to listen to her client’s desires and develops a long-term plan to achieve beautiful results.  Deb recently became master certified in the art of PDO Threads.  This technique offers the ability to tighten and lift areas with a non-surgical procedure. You will quickly notice the level of experience Deb possesses from her 20 plus years as a Physician Assistant.

Lisa Reed has been an Aesthetician for over 20 years and has amassed an incredible knowledge base on how to treat all skin types.  After being an instructor at the local Esthetician College, Lisa has joined Elevation Med Spa to get back to what she loves: helping clients achieve beautiful healthy skin. Take advantage of her expertise and let her help you reach your skin goals.

We take great pride in producing incredible results while providing first in class customer experiences.  We hope that when you search for a med spa near you, that you find Elevation Med Spa and come visit us in Lone Tree.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


All the best,


           PRP hair restoration

For those of you who may be experiencing rapid or gradual hair loss such as excess shedding, male pattern baldness or a shrinking pony tail, there is hope. You have probably heard of PRP hair restoration from your friends, salon stylist or on the internet, but what is it really? PRP is platelet rich plasma taken from your own blood and injected or applied topically to the treated area.

PRP hair restoration is a relatively new process that has some scientific studies and evidence to back it up. Many dermatologists are convinced that this procedure works and use it routinely as part of their repertoire for treating their patients’ hair loss. PRP was first used by orthopedic surgeons to treat joint and tendon injuries with good success. Now, some doctors are using it to regrow hair. Since that time there have been a number of studies, although small that have shown positive benefit using trichoscans or serial photography.

So what does the process entail? To make PRP, your practitioner takes some of your blood, spins it to separate the platelets from the other cells, and then puts the platelets back into the liquid part of your blood (the plasma). Why does that matter? Because platelets have hundreds of specialized proteins called growth factors that aid healing. The PRP may be applied topically during micro needling or it may be injected into your scalp with a small needle. The idea is that the growth factors help to create or stimulate new hair follicles.

There’s no standard process yet. Your doctor may start with three treatments spaced about 6 to 8 weeks apart. After a few months, your hair could seem thicker and fuller than before. In one study, a large majority of people were happy with the results and said their hair improved. You might need a booster treatment 6 months later, when hair growth starts to slow down. The procedure is done in the office with little preparation except for washing your scalp and hair ahead of time.

Does this procedure work for all types of hair loss? If you are a male with a shiny scalp the procedure will not work. There has to be at least fine vellus hair to have any effect. Females with alopecia areata are not good candidates as the issue is autoimmune. If are interested in learning more, schedule a consultation to see if you are a good candidate. Most individuals are pleased with the results.

Ladies lets be honest, pleats on a blouse look good, but not so good around our mouth! Volbella® is a Hyaluronic acid product from Juvederm, specifically formulated to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth area, without adding significant volume. It is great for someone who wants to improve the lips, look natural without having a change in the overall size of the lip. Volbella®is injected with a very fine needle and can be focused on fine lines etched into the top layer of our skin.

When lip fillers are done by a professionally trained nurse, they will look natural, and know one will know you’ve had your lips ‘done’.
Volbella® can improve-
  • Structure
  • Shape
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Downturned mouth
All of which will enhance your facial features….
Is Volbella® right for me?
If you have a fear of looking fake or unnatural in the lip area then Volbella® will provide correction without a drastic change. You can have….
  • Immediate results
  • Take less than an 1 hour to treat
  • FDA-cleared
  • Subtle improvement
What are the side effects?
As with any injectable, there can be slight redness, swelling and or bruising. This product contains Lidocaine to improve comfort during the procedure. These minor side effects are temporary and should subside within the first few days. Any additional safety information will be shared with you prior to treatment.
This procedure is easy and results are subtle and immediate, so call today and lets add a youthful appearance to your lips.